FAQ – The Guard Dog

Blockit & Lockit Systems, Inc. of Billings, Montana has introduced a new, advance portable door guard with siren alarm call the Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog.  Blockit & Lockit founders, Harvey Markegard and Joseph Higgins believe their company’s integration of physical and electronic security is the product solution Americans have been searching for to protect themselves, their families and homes.  Designed and engineered by Harvey Markegard, formerly a Product designer with Ford Motor Company, the Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog has attracted the attention of national and international retailers including shopping networks, catalog companies, hardware, home & garden, security and specialty retailers.

The Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog is an innovative portable door guard with siren alarm using the shock-corded design of a blind-persons cane.  It snaps together in seconds and can be unfolded and stored in a purse, briefcase or backpack when traveling.

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Alarm System – Switch ON, after 5-seconds a beep will sound, the alarm is armed.  When motion sensor detects movement of the door, siren sounds for 30-seconds.  After 30-seconds, siren will stop and re-arm.  Should sensor detect further motion, siren will continue to sound for 30 seconds and re-arm.  This sequence will continue until all unauthorized motion of the door ceases.

One 9-volt Battery powers the Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog 115+ decibel siren alarm that sounds when the Motion Sensor detects unauthorized movement of the door.

To Change the Battery open the handle. Open battery compartment door and remove used battery. Install new battery making sure positive (+) connection point is set in correct position. Close battery compartment door.

How To Install:  1) Unfold Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog.  2) Open handle. (Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog becomes ½ inch shorter).  Place between door handle and floor.  3) Push handle closed for tight fit.  If handle is difficult to close, pull foot out ½ inch then push handle closed.  4) Move switch to High or Low to activate alarm system.  One BEEP will sound after 5-seconds, the Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog is armed.

How To Remove the Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog;  5) Move switch to OFF position.  6) Open handle.  Remove Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog from door handle. 

How To Store the Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog.  Leave it assembled and ready to use or  7) Pull steel leg sections apart, fold, secure with storage strap, store in travel bag.

How To Increase the Length of the Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog.  The Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog comes with two Length Adjusters that are used to increase the length of the leg to fit tall handled doors.  8) Pull the lower leg sections apart.  Insert the Length Adjuster with the #3 (cord to pass thru the opening in Length Adjuster).  Slide Length Adjuster over the male end leg section.  Allow leg sections to snap together.  Repeat this process to install the second Length Adjuster #1 between the head and second section.  DO NOT INSERT LENGTH ADJUSTER IN THE MIDDLE LEG SECTION.

How To Remove the Length Adjuster: Pull the upper or lower leg sections apart.  Slide the Length Adjuster to a point where the cord will pass through the opening in the Length Adjuster.

Using the Motion Sensitivity Switch choose high or low sensitivity. Choose High sensitivity when at home or in a motel room alone and want to sleep or bathe safely and securely.  Choose Low sensitivity when children are playing in the home or expecting someone at the door.

When the Motion Sensor detects movement of the door, siren sounds for 30-seconds.  After 30-seconds, siren will stop and re-arm.  Should sensor detect further movement of the door, siren will continue to sound and re-arm.


Americans are searching for new ways to protect their life, their family and their valuables from the disaster of burglary and theft.  Kicking in your front door has become a favorite pastime of many young thieves who take your money, possessions and sense of well being and cause extensive damage before abandoning your home.

Americans want better ways to protect themselves, their families and homes from burglary, theft and unwanted intrusions.

Crime in America according to the Department of Justice is estimated at approximately 25-million crimes “yearly”.  Nearly 19-million (76%) of these crimes were property crimes (burglary and theft) and 62% were NOT reported to the Police.  90% of crime against the elderly is Property Crime.

The FBI says that 70% of break-ins happen by the thief kicking in your door.

The Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog is added Safety and Security at home or when traveling. The Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog can be used to complement in home hard-wired security sensors to insure detection of a potential threat before that threat can affect you.  The Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog integrates High Tech Electronics with a Low Tech Steel Barrier.


The purpose of the Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog Alarm is to alert you, that an intruder is attempting to enter your home, apartment, room.

The Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog’s Basic length is 42 inches.  With the addition of the two length adjusters the Extended length is 44 inches.

The Color of theBlockit & Lockit Guard Dog is a purple head, silver leg, black foot and yellow leg dividers and length inserts.

The folding, shock-corded design is Easy to use because it snaps together in seconds.  Works on most doors handle styles.

The Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog Fit’s inward swinging doors that have either a latch or knob style handle. 

Folds up to a compact size of 12-inches by 5-inches.  Secure with the travel strap and store in the travel bag.

Included with the Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog is the owners guide, 2-length adjusters, travel strap and travel bag.

The Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog is Made of Structural Resin with a Steel Leg that prevents the door from opening and a Non-Skid Foot that grips most floor surfaces.

Non-skid foot grips floor surface including Carpet, Wood Floors, Linoleum, Stone, Concrete, Tile.

The On and Off switch prevents accidental sounding.

Places to use include Home, Apartment, Dorm Room, Shared Living Spaces, Motel / Hotel Room, Vacation Home, Cruise Ship Room.

The Steel Leg of the Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog prevents door from opening.

You can Store your Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog in a suitcase, large purse, backpack, briefcase, vehicle storage compartment, in a drawer, on a shelf, in a closet or beside the door where it is used.

The Weight of the Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog is  2.3 pounds.

Where to use your Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog includes Front Door, Back Door, Interior Doors, Bedroom Door, Basement Door, Entry Door in Garage.

Who can use the Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog?  Everyone includingSeniors, Singles, Couples, College Students, Parents, Children, Vacationers, Travelers, Airline Personnel.

Why use the Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog?  ForSecurity, Precaution, Safety, Privacy, Protection, Peace of Mind, Safe Sleeping and Bathing.

Works on Carpet, Wood Floors, Linoleum, Stone, Concrete, Tile.


Manufacturers Product Warranty
The Guard Dog is warranted to be free from defective workmanship and materials for a period of 1 year from date of purchase. Any part which is defective or develops a defect under normal use may be returned to Blockit & Lockit Systems, freight prepaid, after receiving written authorization from the Company. We do not accept unauthorized returns. To receive written authorization: 1) Send via e-mail (guarddog@blockitlockit.com) or letter, a detailed description of the defective Guard Dog to Blockit & Lockit Systems, Attn: Guard Dog Product Repair Warranty, 1140 North Frontage Road, Billings, MT 59101. 2) The Company will return a written authorization via letter or e-mail.  3) The product to be repaired is to be returned in either the original carton or a similar package that affords an equal degree of protection.  4) A copy of the original receipt indicating the date and place of purchase must accompany any return.

The company, at its option, may replace or repair defective parts. Under no circumstances shall Blockit & Lockit Systems be required to refund the purchase price of any Guard Dog.  Blockit & Lockit Systems assumes no responsibility for the repair of the Guard Dog which has been tampered with, abused, misused, mishandled, unauthorized attempts to repair and/or modify or failure to follow manufacturers operating instructions.  The Purchaser will be liable for repair and or freight if the product is found not defective but to have been abused, misused, mishandled, modified or repaired without authorization. This warranty is in addition to the consumer’s statutory rights and does not affect those rights in any way.

Disclaimer – Blockit & Lockit Systems, Inc. disclaims any liability for any damages resulting from delay or loss of use and service, or repair, or for loss of or damaged devices, or for any incidental or consequential damages arising out of these expressed warranty, or any implied warranty, even though it may be caused by negligence or other fault on the part of the manufacturer or others. The implied warranties on this product shall be in effect only for the duration of the expressed warranty period as set forth in this owner’s manual, and thereafter, shall have no warranties, either expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose on Guard Dog.  Some states do not allow limitation on incidental, consequential, other damages or the length of implied warranties, so the above limitations may not apply.    

Disclaimer – Use of the Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog portable door guard with siren alarm does not guarantee that residence and/or room will not be broken into and/or vandalized.  The Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog is designed as a theft deterrent.

Disclaimer – Blockit & Lockit Systems, Inc. shall not be liable for interior or exterior damage, loss or destruction caused while using the Guard Dog.

Disclaimer – Blockit & Lockit Systems, Inc. shall not be liable for injury incurred during use, non-use or storage of the Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog.

Disclaimer – Blockit & Lockit Systems, Inc. shall not be liable to refund the purchase price of the Blockit & Lockit Guard Dog.